Are Orthodontic treatments expensive? Can I afford it?

You must think that Orthodontic treatments will be conducted only once in a lifetime, and the value of a pretty smile is priceless. At Ortom Orthodontics, the cost estimate is always fixed, and you can finance your treatment by paying instalments of less than 100 euros per month.

Is everything included in the estimate?

Our values are working with clarity and honesty; so from the first moment you will be aware of the total cost of your treatment, without any surprises.

Are treatments more expensive at Ortom Orthodontics?

If you value the cost, the benefits and the quality of care we offer, and the technology used and the personalized care that we provide, our prices are the most competitive in Madrid.

You are far away. Is it worth it for me to travel?

We have one clinic in Madrid city centre, and another one in Torrejón. But most of all, the message we would like to convey is that you should not choose a clinic in terms of its location. What matters is treatment quality. Currently, distances are not a problem. There are many ways to come to Ortom Orthodontics; and besides, your visits will be between 5 and 8 weeks apart.

Will people see my braces?

We are number 1 in Spain in invisible orthodontics: Lingual System and Orthodontics with Invisalign. Listen to the testimonials of our patients with invisible orthodontics, to have some references, and visit our successfully solved cases at Ortom Orthodontics Madrid and Torrejón.

Is Lingual Orthodontics painful?

Not all Orthodontists will use the same lingual technique. We use devices custom-made for your teeth, so that they will be as small as possible, with a level of comfort never seen before. Even so, discomfort and speech difficulties will vary a lot from patient to patient.

Are the same outcomes achieved with Invisalign transparent aligners?

That will depend on the Orthodontist’s experience and skills. At Ortom Orthodontics Madrid and Torrejón, we are pioneers in Spain in the use of this technique, and according to our experience, if the case has been adequately treated, we will achieve excellent outcomes.

My son doesn’t have all his permanent teeth yet. Is it too soon to take him to see the Orthodontist?

It’s not too soon. It is important to evaluate the child since his first permanent teeth come out; this does not mean that Orthodontic treatment should be initiated, but it is very important to control teeth growth and transition to permanent teeth in order to decide the best time for treatment initiation.

Am I too old to wear braces?

Orthodontist treatment has no age, it will only depend on how willing you are to keep your teeth and improve your smile. We have treated thousands of adult patients, listen to their testimonials.

What happens if my device breaks during a weekend?

Don’t worry, we have assistance every day of the year. If you have any problem, just call our weekend assistance telephone: 605 701 795

Visits to physicians are bothersome due to the waiting time.

Our waiting times are minimal, the average time is 4 minutes! We don’t like to wait, or for people to wait for us, and we work every day in order to achieve this.

I am concerned that my son won’t cooperate in his Orthodontic treatment.

Leave it to us. We have been treating children for years, and in the majority of cases they will always cooperate with us. Anyway, we offer devices where no cooperation by children is required.

I will have to spend many months and attend many appointments. It will be a drag.

On the contrary, we have been trying to reduce the number of visits for many years, and currently we can say that we are, undoubtedly, the Orthodontics Clinic in Madrid that completes treatments sooner, with fewer visits, and with the best results.

Which benefits will I obtain with my treatment?

There are many benefits. First of all, a perfect smile that will make you proud and eager to show; on the other hand, a good occlusion so that your teeth will last all your life; and most of all, self-confidence.

Will braces cause ulcers? Does it hurt to wear braces?

Currently no dental treatment is painful; it could be uncomfortable, but only for some days until you get used to it. After that, you won’t even remember you are wearing it. This is due to the high technology used for manufacturing the devices.

Can I lead a normal life with my braces? Can I eat normally with my braces?

Of course you can! You can lead a normal life, and eat anything you want. You must only be particularly careful with hard foods, but that will be all. Visit our section Eating with an Orthodontic Device, if you want to know more.

Will I have difficulties speaking with braces?

Not at all! You will feel slightly funny the first day, but then it will be normal.

X-rays must be conducted. Does this entail radiation?

In order to conduct a good diagnosis, good X-rays are required. In our clinic these are digital, and radiation is minimal.

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