Porcelain or cosmetic braces are similar to the colour of teeth, and are less visible than metallic braces.

There are different qualities and materials. At Ortom Orthodontics we use cosmetic sapphire braces, which won’t change colour throughout the treatment; and being translucent, will take the colour of the tooth.

The only drawback in low-friction braces, from our point of view, was that they were not manufactured in porcelain or sapphire. Currently this is no longer a problem, because there are cosmetic braces made of porcelain and sapphire, they work exactly the same as a metallic brace, and they are more similar to the colour of teeth than metallic ones. The difference between sapphire and porcelain braces is the material they are made of. Saphhire braces are slightly more resistant. Each manufacturer will choose the material they will use, but both are high quality braces, because they won’t change colour or wear away, and they are effective.

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