Before initiating the orthodontics treatment, we will study the case, including diagnosis of the problem, analyzing its causes, the likely evolution of the malocclusion, and a potential forecast of the future development and growth of the patient, if this is not an adult yet.

With these data we will design the treatment plan, and we will choose the orthodontic devices that we will use. Neither the patient nor we will choose the device we like the best, but the one indicated for each case, according to the study conducted.

Each case is studied by analyzing the clinical record, the examination, the study models (mouth casts) and different types of X-rays and photographs. When these records have been analyzed and studied, the results are explained as a summary to the patient, or to parents if the patient is under age. In this final interview, the devices to be used are also shown, and the estimate of the treatment cost is handed for signature.

Our cost estimates are fixed, and once they have been accepted in writing, the patient will be given an appointment for inserting the orthodontic devices.

Besides having a fixed estimate that you will know from the start, we offer the option of financing our treatment up to 36 months. And if you can pay in cash, you will have a 6% discount on the final price of the treatment.

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