The differentiating feature in Ortom Orthodontics Madrid and Torrejón is that our team is exclusively dedicated to Orthodontics. Their training, their dedication, and their clinical activity are focused on all aspects of Orthodontics, in order to offer the best treatment possible to our patients, regardless of their age or the teeth, skeletal, or functional malocclusion they might present.

At Ortom Orthodontics, we have over 25 years of experience and two Orthodontics Clinics, one in Madrid’s city centre and the other one in Torrejón de Ardoz.

Our commitment is to provide the best diagnosis, and to guarantee stable life-long outcomes. To achieve this, we offer innovative Orthodontic treatments, specialized in invisible orthodontics, as well as the most advanced technology.

All our team is focused on patients, and our clinics are designed to offer quality, a dynamic system of appointments, comfort, and an optimal quality of care.

All professionals at Ortom Orthodontics have the experience and qualification required in their respective functions: as receptionists, Clinic Coordinator, Orthodontics Assistants, Hygienists, Head of Lab and Lab Technicians, as well as the staff for Computer Support and Public Relations.

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