What is the iTero Element Intraoral Scanner?

The iTero Element is a cutting-edge scanner, which allows a real dental impression procedure, bite and adjacent structures such as gums, mucous membranes or braces to be obtained.

By obtaining a 3D REAL teeth impression, it avoids having to use the annoying molds, thus eliminating nausea and the possibility of intake pasta, which could pass to the lungs.

Therefore, it`s a totally painless, fast and safe procedure, because it does not emit any radiation, simply obtaining a high-realistic mouth video format. As the images are in color, it allows to distinguish between tooth and gum.

Benefits of iTero Scanner

  • Aligners adjustment is perfect: seven times less problems because decreases the need of taking dental molds.
  • Simulation results can be performed immediately after scanning.
  • Sending the measurements to the laboratory for making up the aligners is immediate.
  • A better experience for the patient and the professional.
  • Traditional dental impressions are replaced with highly accurate digital images.

In addition, the iTero Element scanner is the most technologically advanced scanner, which allows faster scanning than its competitors: safer, accuracy and, thanks to its highly intuitive procedure, simplifies its use.

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