In some patients, dental malocclusion presents with other problems in the mouth, such as periodontitis (gum disease), the lack of various teeth, non-erupted teeth which are still inside the bones, teeth erosion, gum alterations, old prostheses, bone alterations, etc.

When faced with these cases, various specialties must be combined in order to solve the problems and repair the mouth. That is why we will speak about multidisciplinary treatments, because different specialties within dentistry will become involved.

Multidisciplinary orthodontic treatments will require:

  • A treatment plan established by consensus by all specialties, which will include everything that will be done to the patient.
  • A treatment leader, which will usually be the Orthodontist, to coordinate the whole team, pointing out who is the specialist who must get involved at each specific point. In this way, the treatment plan will be completed in a coordinated and sequenced manner, and the maximum benefit will be achieved for the patient, not only in terms of outcomes, but also regarding the time needed to conduct all and each one of the treatments.

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