Why is a Follow-up Plan recommended in child patients?

A first visit to the Orthodontist is recommended when the first permanent teeth start to come out, when children are around 7-8-year old; but there are very few cases in which devices will be required at that age. The ideal moment to initiate orthodontic treatment will be, in the majority of cases, when the transition to permanent teeth has been completed, and all permanent pieces have erupted, when the child is around 11-13-year old.

What does the follow-up plan include?

During the first visit, we have taken an X-ray and some photos of your mouth, and we have decided that it is still too soon to initiate your orthodontic treatment.


We will give you an appointment in order to explain to you how to brush your teeth, and we will give you some tips for mouth care.
We will see you every six months or every year, according to what your doctor deems necessary, in order to monitor your transition to permanent teeth.
During these control visits, your doctor will indicate, whenever necessary, to take new X-rays and photos, in order to have a complete follow-up of your case.
Finally, when the last permanent teeth are erupting, we will decide on the ideal time to initiate treatment.


Depending on your age, and the diagnosis by your doctor during your first visit, we will give you an appointment within six months or one year, and we will keep monitoring the evolution of your transition to permanent teeth. We will become your Orthodontists, we will guide you and indicate you the adequate time to start orthodontic treatment.


One of our traditional values has been, and still is, professional ethics. We are very clear on not placing any device in your mouth if it is not the adequate time. In 80% of cases, orthodontic treatment must be initiated when children are 12-13-year old (not earlier), so that your treatment will be as brief and convenient as possible. That is why doctors will only recommend early treatments, for 7-9-year-old children, in those cases when they are strictly necessary.

Hygiene Plan

It is essential to keep good discipline regarding dental hygiene, so that your teeth will grow strong and healthy. In our clinic, we will teach you how to brush them, for how long, with what type of toothbrush, etc.


The follow-up and hygiene plan is the best way to keep monitoring, at all time, the growth and evolution of your children’s teeth, and to be sure that orthodontic treatment won’t be initiated before time.

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