One of the most frequent problems in children is a narrow or high-arched palate, which causes a crossbite. This malocclusion consists in biting the upper teeth inside the lower teeth, when it should be the other way round. Besides, there is usually a displacement of the jaw to one side, which can have an impact on growth and cause disorders in the joint placed in front of the ear. Therefore, an early treatment of this problem is very important.

Treatment is usually conducted with fixed orthodontic devices. The problem is solved within a few months, providing an adequate fitting of teeth, straightening the jaw, and increasing the space for teeth still to come out.

It is also possible to expand the jawbone in adults; though, logically, there are limitations because growth has been completed. Fixed devices will correct crossbites with dental causes; those with skeletal causes can only be corrected through additional surgery. For this reason, it is very important to conduct maxillary expansion at the adequate age; that is to say, while the patient is still growing up.

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