Orthodontics won’t only fix the wrong position of teeth, it will also solve skeletal alterations. Teeth are placed over bones and, frequently, the problem is in these bones and causes facial deformities. If bones are not well placed, it is impossible for teeth to be correctly inserted and to function adequately, even though the patient might not be aware of any problems.

Malocclusions caused by a skeletal problem can alter all facial functions, such as chewing, phonation, breathing, and jaw movements. Besides, they cause a major facial unbalance, and frequently will cause noises and pain in the joint in front of the ear.

These skeletal alterations can be caused by an alteration in bone size, or their wrong position; therefore, the only possible treatment is a combination of orthodontics and surgery, with a treatment combining the work of the Orthodontist and the Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Success lies in team work; therefore, before initiating any treatment, an orthodontic plan must be previously prepared, as well as a surgical plan. In this way, all planned changes will be achieved at the end of the treatment.

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